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Searching the site

There are various ways of finding the information you need on the AfriQuote website. You can use the:

  • category structure
  • search feature
  • breadcrumb trail
  • sitemap

The category structure

The site is organised by various categories listed on the menu at the top right-hand corner of each page. You will also find shortcuts for popular menus on the homepage.  These categories can help you to find the information you need quickly and easily.

At the foot of the homepage you’ll find 3 permanent external links to some of our other websites – our parent organisation – asase-gh.com, and web solutions developers – asasesolutions.com. You can use them to access these sites directly.

As you navigate away from the homepage, a box titled ‘Browse by subject’ will be displayed on the left of the page. This lists our homepage categories in alphabetical order. You can use this feature to quickly access other categories without needing to return to the homepage.


The search feature

At the right hand side of each page (except the homepage), you’ll find a search box. You can use this instead of navigating through the homepage categories. To use the search feature, type the keyword(s) or phrase related to the information you want to find into the box and click on the search button to the right. Your search will return a list of results, and each will include a link to where that information can be found.

You can sort your search results by using the navigators or filters to the left of the page. For example, you can narrow your search results by clicking on the website, subject or content type filters.


The breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail is found below the page header on each page except the homepage.  The breadcrumb helps to tell you where you are in the website, and how you got there. A breadcrumb trail looks like this:

Home > Overview > Insurance Overview > Motor Insurance

The breadcrumb trail shows where a page is located in the website structure. Each section in the breadcrumb trail is also a link, so you can click on it to take you back to the previous level you visited. By using the breadcrumb trail, you can go back to a previous section of the site without needing to return to the homepage to start again.

Our breadcrumb trail shows up to 5 levels.


The sitemap

The sitemap gives a broad overview of the structure of the AfriQuote website. It provides a breakdown of every level and can be used to navigate the site.


Contact details, email notifications and your feedback

Finding contact details and opening hours

Beneath each page, you’ll find a widget labelled ‘Contacts’. You can use the contacts directory to find the names, addresses, telephone / fax numbers, email addresses and opening hours of both AfriQuote’s services and our parent organisations’.

If you have a general enquiry about the AfriQuote website, please complete the online feedback form or phone our Customer Services Centre.


Add our website to your ‘favourites’ or make it your homepage

Add pages from the AfriQuote website to your favourites by clicking the ‘favourites’ button on your toolbar and then clicking ‘add’. Once a webpage is in your favourites you can access it quickly and easily every time you need to use it.



You can sign up to receive email notifications from our blog, news and jobs in the insurance industry. Simply type in your email address and hit the submit button at the bottom of every page


Data protection feature


A cookie is a small text file that your web browser stores on your computer; it can track your movements around a website. AfriQuote’s site uses a temporary cookie which remembers that you have logged in. It enables you to move from secure content to public content and vice-versa, without being required to log in again. At the end of your browser session, the cookie is deleted.

The EU e-Privacy directive requires websites to gain user consent for the use of tracking technologies, cookies being an example of such a technology.  Websites likely to be accessed from or operating in the EU (even if hosted in places like Ghana) have had to inform users if they are being tracked with cookies, and to ask for their consent. However, there is an exemption where the cookie is ‘strictly necessary.’ AfriQuotes’s cookie does not track your browsing history in any way, and is a fundamental part of our login system; we believe this means it is covered by the exemption.


Members-only and reps-only content

Some of our content is restricted to members, and many of our downloadable resources are restricted to specific groups of users, e.g. asase Brokerage Services’ representatives. You need to log in to make sure you get access to the full range of content that’s available to you.

This is for your own security. Once you log into the members’ area of the site you get access to your personal profile page – the key details from your usage record. We need to be sure that you are the only person who gets access to this information. Simply using our quotation functionality without logging into our restricted area wouldn’t be secure.

To register, visit our registration page. Once we’ve confirmed your identity and your membership status, you set up a personal password which is associated with your username and your email address. This is used on future visits to the site. So nobody else could log in with your username, because they would also need to know your personal password.


General information about our site

Our site is optimised to work with a wide range of recent web browsers. Some pages may not display properly in older browsers, but we have tried to minimise any such problems. Please email or call our team if you encounter any browser problems. Please read the full terms and conditions for use of our website.


If you would like to comment, make a suggestion, or have a question about our website, please contact us.

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