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Does the advertising and small print financial service providers put out seem like Greek to you? Stay on top of your finances with AfriQuote! Learn about and understand your insurance policies, current & savings accounts, pensions, investments and more – at any time of the day.  Been here before? Retrieve a Quote  Login



Don’t know about insurance? Do you fear buying insurance from any insurer thinking they might reject you when you need to claim?

  • Unbiased comparison quotations from top insurers
  • Product reviews and guides to help you decide
  • Simplified insurance without jargon
  • Share opinions with other users



Pensions & Investments

We know that your long-term financial choices can sometimes seem a bit complicated, but the truth is they are much simpler than they seem. For workplace and personal pension schemes and other investments, we provide:

  • Expert guidance for financial planning queries
  • Listed providers are approved by NPRA
  • Expert, local independent Financial resources
  • Investment advice in plain English


Personal Finance

Looking for a better bank? Want to bridge your knowledge gap between saving money and investing? We offer free tools and information on all aspects of personal finance including debt reduction, how to save money, how to manage budgets and how to invest.

  • Compare savings, loans, mortgages providers
  • Expert advice on your personal financial goals.
  • Simplified insurance without jargon
  • Learn from our friendly user forums
Personal Finance


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